Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ask Axolotl | Poop + Food = Ew

Dear Axolotl,

You seem to be an expert on poop. Maybe you can help me with my poop question. 

I have two cats, Butters and Coco. I put their food and water bowls on top of rubber mats in my kitchen, to keep the floor clean. My cat Coco sometimes paws at her mat and moves it a few inches across the floor. Then she paws at the water bowl and spills water all over her mat. After that, she poops on top of the wet mat. Poop on the food mat is a weird thing to see first thing in the morning. But at least she’s stopped pooping in the tub. 

Why does she do this? What does it mean? Was she an otter in a past life? Please help me Axolotl!

Flummoxed in Fort Lauderdale 

πŒ†    π“    π†    π‡    πŒ‡

Dear Flummoxed in Fort Lauderdale,

My mom feels your pain. But I don’t really see your problem. My poop and food are on the same surface every day! And I love it! However, my mom says that poop and food are both kind of great in different ways, but not on the same exact area. Like my mom say, “everyone is different!”

That being said, mom just read a thread about another human whose kitty poops on smooth surfaces!

The community at large suggested having a kitty litter box with no kitty litter in it! Or maybe in your case, a kitty litter box with no litter and a bit of water?

As for tipping over food and water bowls, our Toki does that too. So mom got a REALLY heavy bowl that they cannot tip over.

I hope this helps!

With love,


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