Wednesday, November 5, 2014

sabbatical project

Like a newborn king to a long awaited throne, there can be too much anticipation about this new creature.

The grandness of it all can kill off any curiosity for meanderings to be replaced with frozen fear of performance anxiety. Not to mention the guilt that can come with the privilege of a sabbatical.

Working up to the sabbatical is not unlike a pregnancy. You have much hope, you dream a little, you prepare both your body and mind for this new experience.

And just like a pregnancy, the reality will always be different from what one expects.

As I prepare for my upcoming sabbatical, my goal is to learn from it. I hope to learn how to fold a sabbatical into your daily life, five minutes, thirty minutes at a time. So that I don’t have to wait for the next one in seven years.

If sabbatical can be likened to waiting to breathe, I want to learn how to breathe moment to moment, respecting all the different parts that want to breathe.

Even though the official sabbatical starts in the new year, I start my practice today.

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